The White Simple Stylish Ikea Lack Coffee Table Review

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The White Simple Stylish Ikea Lack Coffee Table Review

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Ikea lack coffee table has hundreds of design styles with so many choices of color that can be an idea to select the best coffee table. It cannot be denied that Ikea seems to be great brand that provides so much sophisticated and high quality furniture such as coffee table.


White seems to be perfect color to get simple and stylish look since it presents clean surface. This Ikea coffee table that we are going to review has a lower shelf. It allows you to organize some belongings rather than mess with the table top. For further information about this product, let us check this out.


Ikea Lack Coffee Table Dimension

This pretty Ikea lack coffee table has 46 ½ inches of height, 30 ¾ inches of width and 17 ¾ inches of height. With 118 centimeters length and 78 centimeters width, it is perfect for family gathering. You can put some plates yet cups on it.


Ikea Lack Coffee Table Descriptions

This lovely white Ikea lack coffee table is manufactured from fiberboard, particleboard, ABS plastic, acrylic paint and paper for the table top. The shelf material is plastic, particleboard, and acrylic paint while the leg is made from particleboard, fiberboard, and foil. This product material let it possible to recycle or use for energy recovery.


The square shape makes this design to fit the TV room as well as veranda. The lower shelf can be used to store some books or magazine. Since the color of this Ikea lack coffee table is white, you may need to clean it regularly to avoid dust. You can simply use damp cloth and mild cleaner and then wipe it with different dry clean cloth.

After seeing the review, hopefully it can be one of the ideas for you in choosing the simple stylish of lack coffee table to beautify your room.



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