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Product Details And Description Of Remarkable Design From Eames Coffee Table

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Eames coffee table, like any other coffee tables in any size or color whether they are small or large, they can occupy the room as well as transform it into a “live” space. Eames, such the other designers Saarinen and Noguchi, Eames has its own characteristic of design that will turn your room into something else.


Featured in molded plywood, Eames coffee table reflects sleek, modern and lean, simple, fabulous yet beautifully functional. This coffee table design fits with simple stylish themed-furniture. To ensure that your taste does not lie, let us see the review about product details and description of this remarkable coffee table design.


Eames Coffee Table Review

Description of product

With the slogan that said Design is an expression of purpose, the duo Ray and Eames they created such sophisticated furniture. They were experimenting with molded wood to press the thin sheets of wood veneer through a heated membrane which was pumped by bicycle pump that we know as Eames molded plywood coffee table.

Round-shaped, thin style of table top and straight lines of legs is perfect for accompanying coffee table chair or sofa in the living room. Standing on 4 sleek legs, this Eames coffee table will be more accentuated by putting a tray or floral arrangement on it. Made in veneer-finished, this product has 3 color varieties. They are white ash, natural cherry or ebony and walnut.


Product Details

Pressed into thin sheets, the table top uses 5-ply and 8-ply of molded wood for the leg. The dimension itself is 15 inches of height and 34 inches of diameter.

After all, having Eames coffee table with simple sophisticated design is perfect for them, who want to draw their room in stylish but elegant look.




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