How to Create Stunning Hidden Ikea Coffee Table Hack

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How to Create Stunning Hidden Ikea Coffee Table Hack

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Ikea coffee table hack could be one of the ideas for picking coffee table for your house. Since Ikea has a lot of designs style for furniture including coffee table, it will be easier for you to choose your favorite style. It is undeniable that a room needs a highlight and coffee table can solve the problem.


To get Ikea coffee table hack, we can create it ourselves as well as purchase it. The best thing from DIY is we can manage the cost since buying it can cost more money. Hidden Ikea coffee table hack is such an excellent idea to deal with space. It minimizes the space because you can store it back in its hidden place when you no longer need it. We are going to share how to get this stunning coffee table.


How To Start With Ikea Hidden Coffee Table Hack

Ikea Modules You Will Need

  • – 2x Besta Shelf in 56” W x 36” D
  • – Besta frame 60” W x 40” D x 192” H
  • – Besta drawer frame 60” W x 40” D x 25” H (optional)
  • – Lappviken door 60” W x 64” H
  • – Besta drawer runner push open (it is optional)
  • – Lappvikan drawer font in 60” W x 38” H (it is optional)
  • – Legs of lack side table
  • – Utrusta push opener
  • – 4 x Tessauer nut
  • – 4 x carriage bolt


Steps to Create

  1. Assemble an ordinary Besta tall frame. You can put one the shelves based on the manual when you want to have any cabinet with door in 1/3 lower section.
  2. Install the second shelf in under the first shelf. Do not forget to give two skipped pre-drilled holes and then attach opener with two pushes.
  3. You can start drilling holes in each corner of Lappviken door. The size has been given above.
  4. To make a place for bolt’s neck, use a cutter and then cut the door upper side but do not go very deep.
  5. Directly use the table saw to cut the legs of lack table and make a hole to locate the Tessauer bolts. The last thing is assemble the table. Finally, your Ikea coffee table hack is finished.

The steps above are easy to follow to make your own Ikea hack coffee table. However, when you do not want to expose this coffee table when it is unoccupied, you can easily store it back in the shelf.


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