8 Smart Tips for Taking Care Mango Wood Coffee Table

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8 Smart Tips for Taking Care Mango Wood Coffee Table

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Mango wood coffee table is nowadays being popular. Some interior industries have adorned mango wood to provide such best sustainable material for furniture. The tree itself can grow for more than 15 years in up to 100 feet. The special things about this kind of wood is it is grained in varieties of color like golden brown, dark brown, light brown, yellow, and black. Besides the mango wood is hard- wearing, it is still a softer kind and easy to work with in both carving and turning.


Like the other material of coffee table, having mango wood coffee table with storage as the furniture in your house, you should know the way to take care of it to make it last longer. You can follow some proper instruction to maintain mango coffee table.


Instructions To Proper Maintenance of Mango Wood Coffee Table

First, use a slightly moistened cloth (suggested) to wipe the table. It is to make sure that all dust stick on the cloth.

Second, prevent the mango wood coffee table from water spillage because it can make the wood to stain, swell or even stain. Prevent the wood from deodorants, perfumes, alcohol and some similar liquids. Wipe the water spillage directly if it occurs.


Third, aerosol furniture or liquid polish is suggested to use frequently.

Fourth, avoid direct sunlight since it can cause the wood to fade or even crack.

Fifth, keep it stay away from radiators or fireplace to avoid warping

Sixth, remember to use coasters and placemats when you lie some hot dishes or drinks on the mango wood coffee table.


Seventh, when you see any stains or scratch appear, quickly conceal them with little varnish or matching paint. Remember to test in different material before applying them.

The last, regularly rotate the mango coffee table pieces to let all angles exposed to the light and air.

Those are 8 smart tips to deal with mango wood coffee table. You apply them to your coffee table to get proper maintain.



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