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3 Simple Items to Create Contemporary Coffee Tables with Glass Table Top

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Contemporary coffee tables are needed to adorn the room, to make it cozier. Rooms with no coffee tables will appear meaningless. Nowadays, there are hundreds of coffee tables designs that you can select. However, the greater design you choose, the more money you should waste.


Contemporary glass coffee tables are not too difficult to get since you need to some little things. Making your own coffee table will be fun because you can make it based on your creativity with less money. This article will guide you in creating your own contemporary coffee table.


Things You Need

There are only three simple things you need. They are rubber dots, glass, and then base item. You can get them easily in the supply store, furniture store or craft store.

First step: prepare the table top

Purchase any tempered glass with 12mm thick or more. Choose the one with beveled edge.


Second step: choose the base

There a lot of choices for you to choose any table base. Any base such as driftwood, flat stone, and wooden stump clay planter can be used to make contemporary coffee tables. Arrange the table base. It can be difficult as cutting stump to make it even or it can be as simple as you set a couple in place.

Third step: Install the rubber dots
the rubber dots will prevent the glass to scratch as well as glide easily. Do not forget to put any self-adhesive for rubber dots on the base of contemporary coffee table you create where it stick the glass. After that, you can carefully put the glass table top on the base. And now, your contemporary coffee table is ready to use.

At last, you can add some objects such as books or floral arrangement to beautify your handmade contemporary glass coffee table.




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